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How To Get A Clear Face Naturally

People of all ages can get acne.

However, it is common knowledge that teenagers are the largest group. What is already a difficult time in their life is made worse by having puss filled red marks on their face. The entire ordeal can be a source of great anxiety. All they want to know is how to get a clear face.

There are many high priced solutions available for people having acne.

Some of them work, but other are simply a waste of money. Trying each one of these products can be frustrating and very expensive. People will go through a trial and error period with these products anyway, because they want some results.

The truth is there are no simple solutions for acne, but there are some things that can be done to mitigate the effects.

A few of these things will require people to develop some new eating habits. On the other hand, some of the acne prevention and solutions will only require a few lifestyle changes. In either case, the results are not immediate, but they will last longer.

For instance, some solutions can be as simple as changing the kind of foods that we eat. People with an intolerance to corn may find they have more breakouts a day or two after eating food that has been cooked with corn oil. By keeping a food diary teens can isolate any offending fools that may be aggravating their skin problems.

Alternatively, if eating the wrong foods can cause blemishes, eating the right foods can help to get rid of them. Foods for clear skin are high in vitamin A and C help the skin rebuild quickly because they support proper immune function. Since acne is an inflammatory condition, it is best to seek out foods that lower inflammation while supporting the immune system.

Next, using the right methods for how to get a clear face is sometimes as easy as setting a new bathing routine. People with acne need to accelerate washing their face to twice per day, maybe more. The best way to do this is by using a pure soap and clean how water. The heat will open the pores and allow deep cleaning. However, after cleaning remember to close the pores using cold water.

Girls have a particular problem with blemishes because they like to wear makeup. However, there are chemicals and other substances in the makeup that can clog the pores and aggravate existing skin problems. Therefore, young women should use cosmetics sparingly. Hypoallergenic products are always the best for helping to reduce acne.

In addition to eating right and setting a good cleaning routine, natural products can help people get rid of acne.

These products take advantage of nature’s natural substances to clean and replenish the skin. Best of all, they are far cheaper then some of the other commercial alternatives. They are safer too. Simply put, these will be the best ways how to get a clear face. Check these natural products now and start having clearer skin.

Source by Joy Armanti

Keeping Clear Skin Made Easy

When you are looking for a product to use on your face to prevent acne, you would want to find it quickly so that it can begin working on your problem as soon as possible. However, things like this should not be searched in haste because then you might not be able to know properly if they are really helpful or not. For instance, the acne cream ingredients on your chosen cream might be doing more harm than good on your face. There are some ingredients that you sure want to avoid, such as the ones mentioned below.

Benzoyl Peroxide is known for being used as a common ingredient in acne cream products. However, this is not one of those that you can entrust your life on. In fact, you should avoid this component at all costs. It is also used for bleaching the hair and even the teeth. Although it is included in the approved list of compounds by the World Health Organization, with the wrong dosage it is pretty harmful. It has been linked to different kinds of illnesses, cancer, and even death. It can cause skin irritation and when in contact with fabric, it can cause discoloration and fading.

Salicylic Acid is also known to be present in acne cream products. It is a common ingredient that helps treat acne, and it is milder than benzoyl peroxide, but this does not mean that it is safe. If this is used as the main ingredient in the acne cream that you are using, beware because it can give you major skin problems. Due to its ability to break down fats and lipids, it can cause chemical burns on your skin. It can even cause hearing loss when accidentally ingested. For shampoos and acne cream products, it needs to be of very low dosage to cause no harm. But then again, if you have sensitive skin, even a small amount is enough.

In the search for a good acne treatment, you have to make sure that you will not cause your skin any more damage than what it already has. If you already have acne scars and an ongoing acne onslaught of acne to deal with, it would be more than enough. Do not try to add skin irritation and over-exfoliation to the list of things that you have to worry about. After all, you should be working on the betterment of your skin and not worsening it.

Source by Mark A Robbins


Getting Clear

Do you have a crystal clear vision of what you want from life or do you have a vague ache to be doing something different?

In many years of working with people on their personal and professional development, in a variety of capacities, I frequently asked the question ‘What do you want from life?’ and, almost without fail, the answer I got was ‘I don’t know.’ In fact I heard the same answer so often I started looking at the issue in more depth to try and understand why we so often say we don’t know what we want. Could if be that we simply haven’t learned to get beyond ‘I don’t know’?

Perhaps we don’t know what we want because we’ve never really thought about it — not in a holistic way such as ‘I want my life to be exactly like this five years from now,’ not beyond ‘I want to be in management,’ or ‘I want to win the lottery.’

Or maybe we ‘don’t know’ because if we did know, if we made a decision and followed it through and it was ‘wrong’ it would be our fault. Or perhaps we don’t believe in ourselves: ‘There’s no point wanting that. I’ll never get it,’ or we don’t believe there’s any point in working out what we want because family, the mortgage, work or other responsibilities will always keep us where we are and what’s the point in dreaming? Or if we go for what we want we might have to leave a lot of things behind and that’s scary — better to stay with ‘the devil you know’?

Making changes is scary — it’s stepping into the unknown, and that’s always scary. But the alternative is to get towards the end of your life and find yourself thinking: ‘If only …’

The reality is that everything changes, whether we want it to or not. Day follows night, the seasons come and go, babies are born and people die. We’re confronted by change every day of our lives — more often than not by change that is imposed on us, that we feel we have no control over. It’s far more empowering to learn how to bring about change yourself, to be part of driving that change instead of just reacting to external events, to learn how to embrace change and to ride the wave with a feeling of excitement and exhilaration. And the first step in making changes is to get clear about what you want.

So let’s try and get specific about what you want from life.

Say you’re going out to buy a new outfit for a wedding. You probably already know the kind of wedding it’s going to be, the venue, the time of year — all this information helps you get clear about the kind of outfit you’re looking for. You probably know what styles suits you, what colours you like, and you’ll probably have a rough idea of how much you can afford.

So you already have all the necessary skills to get clear about what you really want. You just need to apply those same skills to getting clear about the bigger picture, about questions like ‘What do I want from life?’ or ‘How would I really like my life to be?’

Another element of the process of ‘getting clear’ is making sure you’re prepared to take responsibility for what you decide you want.

An exercise I devised to help people understand this part of the process was ‘Winning the Lottery’. It went something like this:

Q. Imagine you’ve just won £5 million! What are you going to do with the money?

A. I’ll give up my job and go on a long holiday.

Q. Who with?

A. My friends.

Q. Can your friends go on a long holiday? What if they can’t get the time off work?

A. Okay, I’ll give them each a chunk of money so they can give up work too.

Q. How much?

A. £50,000 each.

Q. How long would that last them?

A. Okay, £200,000 each.

Q. So you’re going to give all your friends the same amount? How much would that amount to?

A. Um! I’ve got 9 friends … but I don’t like that one as much as her so …

Q. And what if one of them decides to take the money and buy themselves a house instead of going on holiday with you?

A. Um!

Do you get the gist? We all have dreams — and right now in the UK each week around 14 million people dream of winning the lottery. But how many have a clear idea of what they would do if they did win? Most people want to share their luck with the people they love. But if you give money away are you going to give it with strings attached? What are the ramifications you might not have thought of. When a woman I know of won £3 million+ on the lottery one of the first things that happened was she was told she would have to take her children out of their school because of the security risk!

If you dream of owning a large house with a big garden who’s going to maintain the house and clean it, who’s going to take care of the garden? If you’ve always yearned to live in the country and own a horse are you prepared to go out in the rain to feed it, to exercise it, can you afford the vet’s fees you might incur?

Getting clear is about letting go of any woolly, un-thought-through wish and questioning yourself honestly and thoroughly, checking out in minute detail what you truly want, and why, and whether you’re prepared to take responsibility for it once you have it.

But once you have a crystal clear vision about what you want, once you can feel it, see yourself as that person, then the whole world seems to unite to turn your dream into reality.

Source by Christine Compton