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The Different Kinds & Functions of Dental Specialists

If you suffer from a certain oral concern, one thing you should think about first is who to find and visit. We all know modern dentistry covers multiple types of dental experts. These dental specialists work different functions and perform different tasks. They only have one thing in common and that is to make sure every individual maintains a superb oral health. Listed here are the most in-demand dental specialists today. General dentists are the primary dental experts on board. They’re those who provide general dental care services regardless of age and gender. You can find four main functions of general dentists. One is preventive services. Preventive services are what we mostly termed as preventive care. Dentists otherwise termed this as preventive dentistry. Regardless, preventive dental care service is a technique you do if you wish to combat dental problems through stopping them in the first place. Professional teeth cleaning are one of them. Other dental services offered by general dentists are cosmetic dental procedures, restorative services and general health concerns .Endodontists, otherwise known as root canal experts, are dentists who treat soft tissues inside your tooth. They prefer to call this as pulp therapy. Pulp therapy, like root canal therapy, is suitable for those who put up with inflammation and severe pain in the pulp because of infection. Endodontists provide relief from pain and manage the pulp tissue infection. Statistically, skilled endodontists can perform 25 root canal therapies weekly.

Oral and maxillofacial surgeons perform the most intricate and unique dental treatments. Other specialists called them unique because they have to spend another 4 years in a hospital-based residency program after attending dental school. Oral and maxillofacial surgeons specialize in emergency medicine and general surgery in medical residents. Amongst all the other dental professionals, they’re the only one who can administer all sorts of sedation, including general anesthesia. Oral and maxillofacial surgeon mends issues associated to your soft and hard tissues of your face, mouth and jaw. They also perform complicated tooth extraction and jaw surgeries.

Orthodontists are dental specialists who deal with those who need alignment of their jaws and teeth. Their most profitable treatment is dental brace. Dental braces use brackets and wires that could shift your teeth to the perfect place. In case you have a bite difficulty, orthodontists are the perfect specialists to visit, too. After all, they’re experts in jaw growth and development. Periodontists are gum specialists. They treat people who need medications for periodontal disease or what we mostly called as gum disorder. Their major function is to make sure a person maintains a disease-free gum. They can remodel soft tissues and even reshapes your jaw bones. There are 9 specialties of modern dentistry. The aforementioned dental experts are among the few who work to ensure you get the most apt dental care. First timers who have less familiarity of dental health concerns could start from seeing a general dentist. Professional general dentists carry out oral screenings and examinations before he provides and recommends a certain dental specialist for you.

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Teeth Whitening & Bleaching – 3 Ways to Whiten Teeth

With the advances it the cosmetic dentistry industry, teeth whitening procedures have become very popular. More than 80% of all dentists offer them. Studies have shown that people with white teeth are considered to be more attractive and successful.

There are different ways of teeth whitening or bleaching procedures but not all work the same. Prices vary and the results are different as well. First of all you should know that you can only whiten teeth which got stored by age, smoking, food or drink. Gray teeth do not react well to bleaching, so do injured teeth. You also can not bleach crowns, porcelain veneers, braces or fillings.

Before you decide for a cosmetic whitening you should have your teeth professionally cleaned. Also, if you still have metal fillings, have your dentist replace them by tooth colored composite resin or porcelain materials.

The cheapest method is to get one of the many over-the-counter bleaching sets at your local drug store but do not expect too much from them. The concentration of the whitener, hydrogen peroxide, is very low. You have to use it often to see an effect and it's also not easy to apply them perfectly.

If you want a better solution then visit your cosmetic dentist. He can offer you solutions that work very well. Both are equally effective, just that one takes longer and is cheaper and the other one gives you white teeth instantly but for a higher price. Your dentist has access to much stronger whitening products like Brutesmile or Zoom which can not be obtained over-the-counter. The hydrogen peroxide concentration lies between 10% and 30%. The stronger the brighter your teeth. You should consult with your dentist. Stronger is not necessarily better because when your teeth get too white then it may look very unnatural.

Your dentist has two options now. He could make a special tray for you which you use at home. You must wear it for about two hours a day for several days. The tray is custom made for your teeth and contains the bleaching gel. This costs about $ 300 to $ 400.

If you do not want to mess around with it but want an instant solution then your dentist performs a power bleaching in his praxis. This takes about one or two hours and costs up to $ 1000. First your gum gets protected by a gel or other kind of shield. Then he puts the bleaching gel onto your teeth and uses a special strong light, laser or ultraviolet, to increase the effect. When he is finished you are leaving the chair with teeth which are several shades lighter.

If this is still not what you are looking for, then you can go one step further. Porcelain veneers are the latest in cosmetic dentistry. They give you a movie star like smile but one veneer for just one single tooth costs as much as your whole power bleaching procedure. But you get much more from it. Veneers last up to twenty years and can also give you a complete smile makeover.

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Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery

The concept of Medical Tourism started long back say about thousands of years back when Greek pilgrims traveled from all over the Mediterranean to the small territory in the Saronic Gulf called Epidauria. In recent years the combination of many factors has led to popularity of Medical Tourism. The main factors are the cost involved in the treatment, facilities which the hospitals have to give a particular treatment, how early the surgery can be done – the time factor, the communication – the common language which one can easily understand.

India is now a place where one can find the best medical treatment. We get thousands of visitors every year who come to India for their medical check ups and other surgeries most common of which heart surgery – Cardiac Surgery, Coronary Bypass, Heart check Up etc, Orthopedic Surgery – knee replacement, hip replacement, joint replacement, cosmetic surgery – face lift, Breast enlargement, Nose surgery, Lasers in Plastic Surgery, and dental care – Smile design, crown & bridge, dentures in addition other treatments like eye care & treatment and now-a-days most common one Ayurvedic Therapies – Ayurvedic massage.

India is most likely destination for medical treatment, is because of the infrastructure and technology which India has, is par with those in USA, UK and Europe and cost wise India is 30% cheaper compared to other south Asian countries.

Few of our hospitals and treatment centers provide world's best treatment facilities. In Many countries one has to wait for long period to undergo an operation and so these countries have developed links with India for fast treatments for their nationals.

One more major reason for which medical tourism is so popular in India is the Fluent English speaking staff which it becomes very easy for others to understand it.

Normally the medical tour is planned with the help of travel agents. In India Medical tourism is offered by Travel India Company, based in Bangalore. It is a reputed and trusted international tour operator which has links with various hospital all over India to help those who come for treatment.

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